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Marketing Lab

Remove "I Think" & Replace With "I Know!"  

Think of Us as Your “Behind the Scenes Marketing Laboratory”. Every large company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on ongoing market research and concept testing to stay ahead of the competition. Doing this allows those companies to: Gain key insights and analytics on lead acquisition, Develop better targeting strategies and messaging tactics, Discover the right keywords and offers and Replace opinions with facts and the facts are numbers... Now You Can Too!



Concept to Market in 4-6 Weeks

1. We develop a Lookalike Audience from your database and create a targeted Facebook advertising concept test that features a series of ads, lead magnets and landing pages. 
2. We then perform classic concept testing to see what resonates best among various target group segments. Testing will include: Positioning, Branding, Messaging, and Lead Magnet Offers.
3. In around 4 weeks, a Facebook Advertising Concept Test should reveal a winning direction for your businesses positioning and/or messaging and/or lead magnets. Winning ideas and creative will be featured and rolled out on your website and social media pages.



Based on strategic and targeted information you provide, we will develop a LinkedIn, InMail Concept Test that will be used to deliver targeted, personalized messages and content right into your target audiences LinkedIn messenger.

What's Involved:

  • A/B – Testing – Test & Measure Everything! Learn What Resonates Best.
  • Conversion Tracking – Track leads from your InMail campaigns, Understand the ROI of your spend, and Optimize for the results that matter most.
  • Targeting – Reach your highest valued audiences.
  • Creative – Visual Is the New Headline.
  • Bidding & Budget Management.
  • In around 3 weeks, the LinkedIn InMail Test should reveal a winning direction for messaging that resonates with specific target groups. The winning direction is the first step in helping you successfully identify messaging that effectively reaches prospects on LinkedIn and other channels.
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Immediately connect with Influencers and Followers. S2L (Social 2 Leads) is the first platform that enables marketers to directly reach social media influencers and key followers through real time email and direct mail.

How it Works:

The proprietary S2L system is driven by keyword conversations that thought leaders and their followers are talking about on Facebook, real time. The system listens in, captures those names and sends out an email (and postal mail) to those who are talking and taking actions, seconds after that conversation takes place on social media.

  • Custom keywords in social platforms identify influence and/or avid interest.
  • We use keywords to track engagement opportunities within our network of 220M+ to find Influencers and key followers who express passionate interest in your product.
  • When a key response is detected, we send a real time email to confirm “double opt in” approved by you, consistent with your organization’s DNA.


  • Current pilot programs enjoy a minimum 50% lift in email open rates and clicks. Several have seen 2x – 3x improvement.
  • Social leads promote greater interaction and closer relationships based on immediate, relevant communications.
  • Translates into significantly higher sales conversion.