Opportunities 2 Serve

Team Mini Bio


Growth Team Leaders Mini Bio


Tyrone m. robinson iii

Tyrone is the Owner of Opportunities 2 Serve and has worked with 100+ diverse businesses and entrepreneurs in and around the country, mostly in an Executive Consultancy and Business Development role. In your Growth Team, he will hold the Executive Champion title and be your go to person throughout the life of the relationship and beyond.

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Mark schneider

Mark is the Owner of Creative Intelligence Agency, has worked for the past 30 years on campaigns for over half of the Fortune 500 and currently is an expert of online reputation management where is provides consulting to small and midsize businesses. 


Prakash Mehta

Prakash is the Owner of Germinate Outsourcing, located in India. Germinate Outsourcing provides world-class outsourcing services to businesses and companies all over the world. They specialize in data, back-office solutions and  virtual assistant services.