These operations consulting services gives business owners another executive on their team… someone willing to put ‘boots on the ground’ while helping them understand why their company isn’t performing as well as it could be and what factors are preventing the company, team, and/or processes from achieving their peak performance. The end result is increased productivity and efficiency, a process for continuous improvement and a reduction in defects costing your business resources, time, effort, and most of all money!


We Begin by Addressing the Following 3 Pillars of Your Business:


In order for a business to operate efficiently and grow, there needs to be a focus on improving core business processes and standard operating procedures. It’s just as important to have the right people in place in order to get the most out of those processes and systems. Consulting in this area also helps business owners:

Increase your teams buy-in and engagement through the creation and/or implementation of systems and processes that will ultimately make your employee’s jobs easier (or more pleasant) to perform. Gain invaluable insight into how best to utilize employee’s skills, tying them directly to strategic and performance objectives.

Remove performance hurdles and shrink the amount of “acceptable risk” within your business. This increases both accountability and productivity resulting in reduced operating costs.

Break down trust, transparency and communication barriers. Boost your teams’ motivation and foster employee alignment with company goals, connecting them (and their roles) directly to the bottom-line-results and success of the company.


Efficiency is vital for any business to scale and grow. To be efficient you have to document your processes to make everything repeatable and scalable. The primary objective of any changes is to reduce waste and streamline your work. When clear and effective processes are in place it streamlines your business and has the ability to reverse poor performance and prevent lost revenue. Consulting in this area also helps business owners:

Gain visual clarity of their processes through mapping them out, showing the cause and effect of each step.

Learn which processes can be outsourced, tweaked or re-engineered to supercharge your operations, save time, money, and get far better value out of your current efforts and operations.

Add a continuous improvement method to make sure that your processes are as efficient, accurate, and effective as possible. constantly better your practices to make your team and business more efficient, accurate, and effective.

Creating effective business systems is the only way to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and easily communicated throughout your organization. The implementation of systems in a business transforms and potentially redefines how work gets done. Consulting in this area also helps business owners:

Easily track and identify when something goes wrong, where it went wrong and how it happened. This enables them to quickly resolve and find solutions to emergent situations or issues.

Identify very specific areas for improvement and bridge the gap between actual and expected outputs.

Better manage resources, internal commitments or revenue-producing activities.

Tyrone at Opportunities 2 Serve was an invaluable asset during my company’s recent transition. He helped identify and resolve inefficiencies and impediments in our workflow that enabled us to increase sales and productivity. I highly recommend Tyrone for any business professional looking to improve their management of people, processes and systems.
— Katie Taylor, Owner, The Savvy Gift Giver
Mind blowing business partner! Tyrone has the business acumen of a wise soul and his professionalism is consistent and grounded. My business is organized and placed in a position to thrive. Tyrone I appreciate your services and partnership. Many blessings to you!
— LaShonda Brown, Owner, LJ Holistic Wellness