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OMG TYYYYYY, I’m obsessed with my website and I’m hard to impress, soooo this is awesomeeeee. Wow! Thank youuuuu.
— Jordine McLeod
Tyrone was great! He always got back to me quickly and kept me in the loop throughout the process. He was very professional. I would highly recommend him!
— Dominique Flipping
Tyrone is the consummate professional. He takes great pride in being diligent to a cause and providing results. He has spearheaded projects as an entrepreneur, and yet, gives of his time to lead community service initiatives. Tyrone is never content with the status quo. His sense of “what’s next” keeps him ever growing and able to pass on his knowledge and expertise to others.
— Rhonda Watson, SHRM-CP, PHR
Has helped me with a Marketing project concerning my book. He was accurate on time and professional. I was very pleased with his quick response even when I didn’t remember. Tyrone has went the extra mile to spearhead my project with graphics, design and the knowledge to move my book to the next level of success. He is a true asset on our team.
— Sherry Lee Smith
Tyrone has been working with me and ROI for at least 2 years now and I have never been disappointed with his work. He has an incredibly positive attitude that is contagious and discipline that I aspire to have. He is reliable, trustworthy, intelligent, introspective, inspirational, innovative and takes initiative.
— Dana Riker Jackson
Tyrone handled an emergency communications job for me within a very short period of time, and did it with very little instruction. Came off beautifully.
— Meredith Price
Tyrone is a business professional who truly understands the concept of “partnering”. He creates win-win relationships in order to gain results and make sure all groups meet their goals. Tyrone is also a visionary leader, he sees possibilities rather than problems and possesses the drive and follow through to make positive change. I would highly recommend Tyrone as a business partner, vendor or client.
— Prakash Mehta
Tyrone is extremely competent and well organized. We worked very well together and my partnership with him inside the classroom was exceptional. Tyrone was prepared for each training module and he maintained control of the classroom training environment. He has a great sense of humor and his “calm” was well received by the students. He fully participated in each of my training sessions and he supported my efforts to perform at my best. Tyrone knows the system and he gives all of himself to improving the lives of those he serves. I fully endorse his application for employment.
— Bill Maguire