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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Tyrone has been an excellent asset in my professional development, his approach to problems shows great patience and understanding of people, The most important thing I learned from him was to always have goals and a plan for reaching them." - Jotham Hansen


"From the day I met Tyrone at CareLink I felt extremely comfortable with him. You could tell that he really cared about helping me and that his position there was more than just a job, that he cared from the heart. It's nice to know that there are people out in the world like Tyrone." - Shawn O'Connor


"Tyrone exhibits an exquisite ability to smoothly and respectfully communicate with people, even with people whose illnesses have made it difficult for them to communicate with others. Things go smoothly when Tyrone is around because he goes out of his way to assure the most successful outcome for everyone... His calm and caring manner is felt and appreciated by all. Tyrone is one of the most calmly focused and constructively helpful people I have ever met. He has a professionalism that puts people at ease, and his demeanor is consistently excellent." - Jacqueline O'Doherty


"Tyrone Robinson has a dynamic personality that makes everyone feel welcomed. At a time that can be very stressful, when one is in employment transition, he provides a reassuring voice that emphasizes that one shouldn't just look for a job, but view this as an opportunity to seek a career that will be fulfilling personally, emotionally and financially. As a facilitator, he's one of the best, he leads the meeting well, keeps the program on schedule and ensures everyone takes something substantial away from every session ." - Thomas Yarmolyk


“I'm probably in the best place I've ever been in my life. And to think YOU helped to set that in motion my friend. You did help me do great things I have a completely different life now with your help. You launched it all in a nutshell.” - Linda Rowley