Successful businesses are typically the result of creative strategy and skilled execution. Our approach to differentiation begins with the use of visuals (PowerPoint Presentations, maps, charts and canvases) that help facilitate communication, engagement, and collective buy-in. This increases accountability, transparency and trust while you and your team build a strong foundation for executing a new strategic move.



We assess the strength your portfolio of offerings according to how much innovative value they offer buyers and learn how strategically vulnerable or healthy your portfolio really is. Initial takeaways:

+ Identification of key business or product and service offerings.

+ How to improve the value of your current offerings.

+ Discover which of your offerings is better than your competition (improved value) and which of them are imitations.


Assess the current competitive landscape and understand where your business is and how you stack up against the other players in your industry. Initial takeaways:

+ Define the key factors of competition your industry is competing on and investing in.

+ Learn how to become the standard that your competitors benchmark against.

+ Start the framework for creating new and enhancing current product and service offerings.

+ Begin considering how to break away from the structure of the existing markets in your industry.


Identify and address critical threats, issues and problems your industry has yet to solve (or unknowingly created) that limits current customers’ use of your industry's offerings or discourages potential buyers from considering them in the first place. Initial takeaways:

+ Learn how to increase the interest of buyers who do not currently participate in your market.

+ Raise, create and address emerging customer and buyer challenges and needs. Take advantage of opportunities that will create value and unlock new potential.

+ Gain insights on the need for growth, partnerships and additional networks needed to elevate the value you are creating and delivering.



Re-think the key factors you’re competing on and create new offerings that capture new demand from additional buyer groups; shrinking the pool of alternatives buyers have to select from (to help them achieve their objectives). Initial takeaways:

+ Align activities in pursuit of differentiation, low cost and increased value.

+ Learn to entice the customers who do not choose among existing products and services within your industry.

+ Gain insights into how to reconstruct the boundaries of your industry and open up new opportunities.


Identify and focus on key resources and opportunities to diverge from your industry and your competition rather than spreading your resources thinly among factors that don’t matter to your buyers. Initial takeaways:

+ Focus on raising the bar and being at the forefront of your industry.

+ Help buyers immediately understand what your business is offering and the leap in value it is delivering.

+ Capture the customers currently in your industry that would leave your industry if there was an alternative option.



Visualize how making a series of strategic moves will help your business break away from the existing competitors in your industry.

+ Identifies the key factors of competition among your industry’s competitors while revealing where you should be concentrating your efforts rather than spreading resources thinly among too many factors.

+ Reveals how your new strategic profile diverges from and extends beyond the competition's offerings because it creates new factors that the industry has never seen before.

+ Uncover a new and compelling tagline that distills the new strategy into words and captures people's imaginations.

+ Receive a full report of the entire journey with images, data, recommendations and implementation steps.

If you own a business and you have not taken the opportunity to work with Tyrone and O2S, you are likely not at the level of success that you could be. Tyrone has an unusual eye for seeing where the operational cracks are so that you can make fewer mistakes and spend more time doing the things that build your business. You should do yourself the favor of a consultation with him - it’s the best money that I’ve invested in my business thus far.
— Keith Wilkerson, Owner, College Thoughts
Tyrone’s strategic planning and ability to stream line task has added tremendous value to our organization. I highly recommend Opportunities 2 Serve for any company looking to scale.
— Corwin Jackson, Owner, Core Inspection Group, LLC.