This is Good For Business Owners Who Are:

  • Seeking External Validation: Not having people to talk to and bounce ideas off of can be one of the hardest parts of owning and running your own business. The weight of being the key leader and decision-maker can really be heavy. A non-biased second opinion often provides reassurance and a peace-of-mind. It also increases accountability and critical insights for helping your business level up quicker and more efficiently.

  • Seeking an Objective Position: A fresh perspective. To get the best out of a consultant, business leaders should actively invite challenges to provoke them to consider all aspects of a problem or solution before making a decision. A good consultant should not be afraid to challenge, and their unique position means they can do so without the fear of reprisals that employees might have from questioning management decisions.

  • In Need of a Project Manager: As companies grow and change, there are always special projects necessary for compliance, achieving goals, or preparing for the next phases of business. Aside from some additional encouragement and accountability in your projects, we can act as the project manager keeping an eye on the budget, managing tasks, and ensuring that all team members are doing their parts.

  • Seeking Someone With Specific Knowledge, Skills and Experience: There may be a requirement for a specific skill set or experience that isn’t currently present or available internally within the business. We’ve had the privilege of working with and solving problems for clients in a variety of sectors. This experience allows us to easily recognize common issues and offer effective tried-and-tested solutions.

  • Too Busy: While some business leaders seek the reassurance of a consultant’s perspective before making a decision, others already know exactly what they need to do but simply lack the time to implement their plans. A consultant can be tasked with specific projects and see them through on deadline, without the distractions and day-to-day pressures an employee within the company may face.

  • Not Sure What Their Business Should Be Doing Differently to Improve Operations: We advise organizations on the strategies needed to improve operational performance. Our consultants are experts at analyzing, identifying and providing solutions to various organizational problems and issues.

  • Looking to Avoid Internal Conflict: Particularly valuable in situations where strong senior personalities within an organization support outdated approaches or oppose proposed changes. Outside consultants may find turning stakeholders into advocates much easier than internal teams or board members.

  • Seeking a Catalyst for Change: Sometimes change is needed and a consultant may be brought in to implement the changes. A benefit to the company is that the consultant can operate behind the scenes in ways that do not negatively affect the company’s culture, employee morale, etc. An impartial outside consultant is also a great option for when you need someone to “take care of the dirty work”. No one wants to be the person who has to make cuts but sometimes it has to be done.