This is Good For Business Owners Who Are:

  • Seeking External Validation: An objective point of view. As a Consultant, I bring with me a broad overview, understanding, and external perspective. A second opinion can provide reassurance prior to making a key business decision.

  • Too Busy: While some business leaders seek the reassurance of a consultant’s perspective before making a decision, others already know exactly what they need to do but simply lack the time to implement their plans. A consultant can be tasked to focus on a specific project and see it through on deadline, without the distractions and day-to-day pressures and distractions that an employee embedded in the business will have.

  • In Need Extra Horsepower: Sometimes the problems companies need solving are really important, but they don’t necessarily have the manpower to focus on them. Companies still have to focus on their day-to-day operations and new projects typically require re-prioritizing employees’ core job responsibilities. In instances like this, I basically serve as a temporary, highly skilled employee.

  • In Need of Help for Special Projects: As companies grow and change, there are always special projects necessary for compliance, achieving goals, or preparing for the next phase of business.
    Special projects include: Development of training programs, Designing and implementing systems (such as an accounting or enterprise resource planning system), and Writing policies and procedures. These projects may be “nice to have” or critical to operations (such as proposal support), and can span from a few days or weeks to several months.

  • In Need of a Project Manager: Aside from some additional encouragement and accountability in your projects, I can act as the project manager keeping an eye on the budget, managing tasks, and ensuring that all team members are doing their parts. The reality is that employees and employers focus on the money. When a consultant is on site, charging billable hours, all eyes are focused on the project at hand.

  • In Need of Strategic Planning Help: I liken strategic planning for an organization to counseling or coaching for an individual. While the outcome of both should include written plans of action, the real value lies in the questions and answers. I help organizations see the situation differently in order to free them to do what they are in business to do.

  • Seeking Someone With Specific Knowledge, Skills and Experience: There may be a requirement for a specific skill set or knowledge and experience that isn’t currently available internally within the business. My services provides business leaders the opportunity to bring in niche skills on a “pay as you go” basis, without the commitment of employing someone – particularly helpful if the need is short term or project based.

  • Seeking an Objective Position: A fresh perspective. To get the best out of a consultant, business leaders should actively invite challenges to provoke them to consider all aspects of a problem or solution before making a decision. A good consultant should not be afraid to challenge, and their unique position means they can do so without the fear of reprisals that employees might have from questioning management decisions. Fostering an open and honest relationship with your consultant is therefore vital, particularly for example when developing a turnaround strategy for a business in decline.

  • Looking to Avoid Internal Conflict: This can be particularly valuable in situations where strong senior personalities within an organisation support outdated “sacred cows” or oppose controversial proposed changes such as job cuts, major operational or strategic changes, and employee salary or benefit changes. External consultants may find turning agnostic stakeholders into advocates much easier than internal team or board members. A consultant’s job in making controversial conclusions known can be tough, but ultimately CEOs highly value their backup in these situations.

  • Seeking Someone with Knowledge of Best Practice: I’ve had the rare privilege of working with multiple clients in a variety of sectors and often encounter various clients facing similar problems across different sectors. This broad view gives me access to a wealth of knowledge and experience on best practices across industries and functions. This experience allows me to easily recognize common issues and offer effective tried-and-tested solutions.

  • Seeking Access to Information and Resources: Overall, I bring a wealth of strengths to a business and can deliver a wide range of services. So, if a business owner is seeking a solution to a particular business problem, undergoing organizational change or can see new market opportunities but lack the resources to follow them up, I may be the answer to fill that need.

  • Seeking a Catalyst for Change: Sometimes change is needed and a consultant may be brought in to implement the changes. A benefit to the company is that the consultant can do things without worrying about the corporate culture, employee morale, or other issues that get in the way when an organization is trying to institute change.

  • Seeking Help with Identifying and Correcting Organizational Problems and Issues: I see my role as helping the clients become aware of what is happening in their organization through my observations: Identify the problem, Identify the cause, Identify the solution, and Implement the solution.

  • In Need of Someone to Do the “Dirty Work”: No one wants to be the person who has to make cuts in the staff or to eliminate an entire division. An impartial outside consultant is the perfect person to handle such unpleasant tasks.

  • Not Sure What Their Small Business Should Be Doing Differently to Improve Operations: I advise organizations on the strategies needed to improve performance. These consultants are experts at analyzing organizational problems and developing improvement plans, such as expanding into different markets or increasing productivity.