5/31 - Intro Meeting


Thank you all for meeting with me this week and special thanks to those of you that stuck around after our meeting this morning.

The Groups Purpose: Making connections (different from our BNI commitment to giving referrals)… this way we get the “best of both worlds” out of the same association.

The Idea: We all agree to meet up at least 1 time each month outside of BNI. If we really wanted to multi-task, we could plan to meet up an hour or so prior to a networking event of our choosing, have our meeting and then hit the event together.

The Plan: I believe the key to unlocking BNI’s true potential is creating real relationships. This is why I’d like us to focus on connecting and connections. My initial idea is for each of us to show up to each meeting with 3 target connection types. For instance, I could show up one week and express the following interests: Wed Designers, Graphic Designers and Accountants. From their, it would be each members job to think of and offer to connect me with at least 1 of the 3 connection types that they have a relationship with. I believe with each connection, one of the following will be true:

  1. The people we connect each other to may end up using our services or recommending someone who might.

  2. The people we connect each other to may end up becoming great resources for us and/or our clients, family, etc.

  3. The people we connect each other to may end up opening up their network to you through event invitations, social media connections and the like.

Essentially, these are all win/win scenarios. The key is knowing who to connect who with and why. That’s what we will be able to further determine as we connect and grow together.

Thank you all for participating in this experiment with me. I’m looking forward to having some fun with this. Also, for those who haven’t seen it, this is my BNI, 1:2:1 leave behind sheet. It will be updated periodically.

Participating Members:

As for our first meeting in June... Eda will be absent from BNI for at least a couple of weeks as of or around June 11th. Would you all be open to having our 1st meeting prior to June 11th? If so: 

  • There's a networking event on the Main Line I am registered for that we could meet prior to on the 4th @ 6 PM.

  • If not the evening on the 4th, I could meet on any other evening before June 11th except on the 6th.

  • June 11th is the BNI evening event. Eda, I'm not sure if you're able to make this meeting but I'd be open to meeting up prior to the BNI get together.