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Business Development Packages

Business Development

Biz Dev Package A - Monthly Option - PT

Call to discuss scope of relationship

Available for Conference, Networking or Trade Show Representation

Biz Dev Package B - Do it Yourself

Receive a customized Biz Dev guide for you or your staff to execute + consulting


Who is Biz Dev For and How Do I Get Started?

Biz Dev is for any business or organization with a product or service far enough along to present to a potential party.

A few reasons businesses choose Biz Dev:

√ Accelerate growth, scale operations, increase exposure, improve products/offerings, and expand networks and markets.

√ Provide or seek distribution for a product or service by leveraging a partner’s resources or abilities. (Business Distribution - Sub Accounts)

√ Connect with companies that stand to benefit from their offerings and brand association. (Brand Enhancement)

√ Form relationships with other companies where one company introduces the others product or services to their audience and vice versa or for another agreed upon provision. (Channel Partnerships)