Unconditional Happiness

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”  ―  Aristotle


Happiness is wisdom; a great sense of peace, satisfaction and more than all of that, it’s a choice.  You just need to know where to look to find it.  If you need help finding it, there are millions of clues written as stories and lessons across all world religions, philosophy books and teachings.  If you were to take this path, there is no doubt you’d notice there are several basic universal fundamentals to living a fulfilling life and it is possible to learn and apply.  You owe it to yourself to familiarize yourself with them: Your happiness and eventual freedom from the constraints of life depend on it.  It’s your time to be happy.

One of those fundamental principles and one to pay close attention to is the idea that you need very little to be happy in life.  Maybe there has been no better time in which to observe this rule.  We live in a society that constantly tells you that you need more of everything.  The truth is, you can have everything you want the second you become satisfied by what you already have and remove yourself from the holds of desire, envy, vice, and societal and media influences.  You must always tell yourself that you deserve to be happy and that your life is full of meaning that is unique to you and valuable to the rest of the world.  Tell yourself that there is no circumstance or person that can keep you from achieving personal joy and success.  That is all in your control. 

The most fortunate among us are those who recognize that happiness is self-produced.  More often than not the things we seek out of desire and not necessity usually come with a high price tag both literally and figuratively.  That idea gives way to another fundamental principle: That which costs the least, costs you the most.  Remember, all external happiness is the beginning of eventual sorrow.  The fewer attachments and desires you have, the closer to happiness you really are.  If you can learn to be happy with yourself from within and modify your thoughts and control your actions, the sky’s your floor!  This is because you are capable of achieving significantly higher levels of happiness and fulfillment in your life by making a few modifications and choices and staying committed to them.  When you can seek out the good in all areas of your life and with all whom you encounter, you are well on your way to finding happiness.  Happiness can’t exist where negativity flourishes so choose your thoughts, environment, company and attitude wisely.

Bringing joy to others through altruism or serving others through compassionate acts is also along the path to happiness.  Gravitate toward and surround yourself with happy people, and you will feel their infectiousness.  Just as happiness is contagious, so is misery. Avoid negativity and its contaminants.  Don’t allow negative environments or the negativity of others to zap you out of your temperament.  If you can’t change the environment or the person, get away from them, quickly.

Additionally, following your passion (in work and/or in play) is arguably one of the easiest ways to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your life.  When you are able to commit yourself to what you love and most like to do in life, you increase your chances of finding and creating harmony.  Out of that harmony arise profound feelings of self-confidence, self-worth, purpose, value, pride and joy, which leads you to achieving personal success. 


Ask Yourself:

Do I let an inch of bad luck take a yard of my happiness?

Do I allow my mind to create unhappiness and not my reality?

Am I confusing unhappiness with misfortune?

Do I allow myself to do at least one thing each day that makes me smile or appreciate myself?

Where am I looking for happiness?

Will I make the choice to be happy?


Consider This:

You are more than the mistakes of your past, you are more than your “should haves” and “what ifs,” you are more than your weaknesses, you are more than your flaws, you are more than the opinions of others, you are more than what you know, you are more than the sum of your possessions, you are more than your greatest comparisons, you are more than what your ego whispers to you that you are or are not, you are more.  You are more because you have the ability to lead, motivate, provide direction, inspire growth, counsel, comfort, enlighten, educate, encourage and empower.  Tell yourself you are beyond good enough because it is affirmations like these that prove your life has meaning, and that meaning is the guide toward your happiness.