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Appreciation and How to Ignite It!

Even in the case of loss there is opportunity to gain or find reasons to be appreciative. Did you catch that? In loss there is opportunity. Loss is nothing more than change and change is nothing more than an opportunity to gain understanding and choose a different direction to go in. It all depends on how you choose to respond. With life being the ultimate collection of events, memories and experiences, it is important in all times to be cognizant and appreciative of all the things we’ve been able to learn, withstand, accomplish in spite of, make more of with less, and the like.

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The Dreaded Opinion - The Good Side

“For human nature is such that if A. and B. are engaged in thinking in common, and are communicating their opinions to one another on any subject, so long as it is not a mere fact of history, and A. perceives that B.‘s thoughts on one and the same subject are not the same as his own, he does not begin by revising his own process of thinking, so as to discover any mistake which he may have made, but he assumes that the mistake has occurred in B.‘s. In other words, man is naturally obstinate.” Arthur Schopenhauer, Arthur Schopenhauer's Collection (8 books)

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Hitting the Reset Button, Part 1 of 2

“A great talent never surrenders to changes in mood or allows its own peculiar temperament to run amok. It towers above such vulgar lack of composure. One of the great effects of wisdom is self-reflection, and if you can recognize your present disposition, you can master your own mind, conquer your moods, and not be dragged tyrannically from one sort of foolishness to another.” – Baltasar Gracián, A Pocket Mirror for Heroes


Hitting the reset button is about not letting external factors control or affect you (as much). Hitting the reset button is the action of dispelling negativity and disillusionment as soon as it enters the brain. It is about taking a preemptive approach to how we respond to life throughout life. 

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