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Unconditional Happiness

Happiness is wisdom; a great sense of peace, satisfaction and more than all of that, it’s a choice.  You just need to know where to look to find it.  If you need help finding it, there are millions of clues written as stories and lessons across all world religions, philosophy books and teachings.  If you were to take this path, there is no doubt you’d notice there are several basic universal fundamentals to living a fulfilling life and it is possible to learn and apply.  You owe it to yourself to familiarize yourself with them: Your happiness and eventual freedom from the constraints of life depend on it.  It’s your time to be happy.

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Hitting the Reset Button, Part 2 of 2

Exercising proper judgement or being judicious in all of life’s circumstances is equally everyone’s responsibility. More often than not, it is our improper judgment(s) that lead us to our or others negative responses and circumstances. Understanding plays such an incredible role in our judgement and its application that it is terribly important for us to acknowledge the need to listen before we speak, analyze before we act, understand before we judge and empathize before we criticize.

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