Self-Discovery: Passion + Purpose + Why = Meaning

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates

Self-Discovery is the process of finding yourself and obtaining insight into your own character, values and beliefs.  An awakening, if you will.  It also involves figuring out how you got to where you are presently while appreciating the past and focusing on the future.  In some cases, the process includes a rediscovery of your true passion, purpose and why.  In other words, self-discovery is the first step towards creating harmony within yourself and fulfilling your life’s meaning.

Most people allow themselves to get so busy and wrapped up in their lives that they eventually fall under the deceptive spells of the world, never taking an intentional pause to find out what is contributing to the person they are, have become or are becoming.  Even further, many people never stop to consider how or what they are projecting until they have elicited a negative response from others.  One way to get on top of this is to always be projecting what is best about yourself.  This is done by learning who you are, appreciating, valuing, embracing, and nurturing what you find.

One thing you can bank on finding during the process of self-discovery is that underneath it all, you are genuine, inherently good and of tremendous value.  You have to believe you possess a level of greatness higher than what you are currently expressing. Don’t continue to allow it to go unrecognized! The question you should ask yourself is, how do I access it?  You access and eventually realize your greatness by taking self-discovery seriously.  Greatness doesn't chase you, you have to chase it.  Don't give yourself a reason not to be great, it is your duty to yourself and those around you.  Those closest to you benefit from the work and effort you invest in yourself and ultimately the fruits you bear as a result.

The objectives of self-discovery are as follows:  1).  To define who you are through gaining insight into your character, values, and beliefs in order to find your true passion, purpose, why and meaning. This enables you to live fully and in the present.  2).  To define your why so you know what drives you and what the cause is behind it.  3).  To define the meaning of your life so you are never confused about which path to take or decision to make as you continue along your life’s journey.