Live for The Moment (LFTM)

“There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now”. – Hugh Laurie


Each day alive is a day closer to death. In other words, the present is the only guarantee you have. Keep this in mind when you tell yourself, “I’ll get to it later” or “I have time”. Too often, people treat life as if it were some sort of monetary investment, acting as if the habit of saving applies to their goals or pursuits, putting off what can be done now for later. Here’s the irony. In most cases, the latter is achieved with far greater success than is the application of the monetary precept of saving. Silly, right? Why not choose to live instead? When the time is right, whisper to yourself, Live for The Moment (LFTM).

Take every opportunity to engage yourself, find and follow your passions, love someone and tell them, and pursue all of the things that you have been stashing away for some other time. Break the habit and take advantage of life while you still have it!

In life, you have to decide if you want to be a person that makes things happen, watches as they happen or knows what has happened. What is the difference?

  • A person that makes things happen is a decision maker. They are individuals that are more proactive than reactive and they seek and use counsel, wisdom and intelligence in all of their decisions. A person that makes things happen also knows what they want in life, has a plan and has a realistic vision of when they will achieve it. The one hiccup to this path that should be avoided is the tendency to development of a narrow vision. Being too focused on one goal can cause you to miss out on opportunity, people and the other things life shows you along the way to your eventual success or achievement.

  • A person that watches things happen is just along for the ride. This is your life; do you want to be the passenger or the driver? If you struggle with getting started and constantly find yourself sitting on the sidelines as others work towards and achieve their goals, follow their passions and live according to their why, seek counsel and ask for help because the time is now! It can never be repeated too often, you are here for a purpose and your life has meaning. A life lived in accordance with your passion and why, is a life of purpose, meaning, happiness and fulfillment. A life of watching things happen is for statues.

  • A person that knows what happens is a person who has things done for them and gives control of their life to anyone willing to take it. This person provides minimal instruction or direction to those willing to lead them and hopes for the best. In this case, the person who knows what happens only think they know what’s happening. They also waive their right to give feedback because if they do, they risk losing their handlers services. If you are in this boat, jump out!     

Living life involves a mixture of making things happen, watching as they happen and knowing what happens. The decision is yours as to what mixture is right for you. They key here is to not let your life slip by before going after what your heart desires, experiencing true happiness, love, fulfillment and all that life has waiting for you. Decide to live.

Consider This:

Why is it that we have added interest and pay extra attention to dreams? Where is that attention to detail and wonder of meaning in our day to day conscious experiences? Might it be helpful to approach life with the same scope of interest we show towards our dreams?