(Conceive x Believe) + Reason – Doubt ÷ Faith + Action = Reality

“Life’s greatest inconsistency is the fact that most of that which we believe is not true”. ― Napoleon Hill

Most people desperately want to believe in something or in someone. Why not make that something or someone, yourself? Belief in yourself should be one of your most constant thoughts followed by the belief in your purpose and why. Focus your energy on the positive outcomes you’d like to achieve. What your mind conceives and believes, within reason and free of doubt, is achievable with faith and proper action fueling your efforts towards making it a reality. Here’s an easier way to remember it: (Conceive x Believe) + Reason – Doubt ÷ Faith + Action = Reality.

Your beliefs can make or break you personally, economically, culturally, societally and in any and every other way. One of the more interesting facts about beliefs is that they have their way of becoming reality. This of course means that it is far better to have positive beliefs that are true to you, than negative beliefs that are true to few. If you believe great things, you will attract great things and people. Many of those people will believe in you because you first believed in yourself. This phenomenon will bring you closer to creating the reality you are working to achieve, for everyone needs someone or some people to get to where they are going.

What you choose to believe in is up to you. Whatever the belief, it is important to be steadfast in it, yet open to discussion, alternate interpretations or the wisdom of others because there are very few flawless beliefs. It is true that many people have been misled by false beliefs and disbelief just as they have been by beliefs that may have strong roots and traditions. Intellect alone will not save you from the possibility of being misguided. This fact proves the importance of understanding, reason, intelligence and wisdom needing to be entwined and involved before declaring your heart and faith into any belief.

What you are taught to believe deserves a fair amount of questioning because it is your teachers unique set of values being met by the belief and not necessarily yours. That does not mean it won’t or can’t have the same meaning to you, it just means you deserve to make that choice yourself. Believing in something because you think you have to is a decision that will never stand the test of time and will crumble under pressure very easily. This is due to the lack of faith, understanding and commitment involved. A belief is much more than a decision; it is a choice based on an emotional connection. Any choice that potentially acts as a driving factor in your life should be chosen by you.